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Bonded Services Announces Sale of IDS

septembre 1, 2015

Bonded Services announced today the sale of the wholly-owned subsidiary Inception Digital Services (IDS) to Trinidad Entertainment Corporation (TEC). The companies will continue the strategic partnership focused on providing digital and physical asset management services along with digital platform delivery services to both new and existing customers.


“The recent launch of Bonded Digital Services in our key markets world-wide enables us to provided focused solutions in digital migration and content lifecycle management. Our partnership with IDS as a stand-alone business will support the continued growth of their services and technology, while also offering digital platform delivery services to our customers” stated Barry Payne, CEO of Bonded Services.


IDS will continue to operate as a standalone facility in Agoura Hills, CA as a wholly owned subsidiary of TEC. “We are thrilled to acquire IDS. Partnering IDS with Walla, our cloud-based distribution platform, creates an end-to-end distribution solution for film and television content providers,” states Erik Pence, Managing Member of TEC. “Our ability to now manage and control the content processing and costs should radically simplify the task of platform delivery and we are excited to create this streamlined experience for our customers.”


About Bonded Services:

Bonded Services is a recognized leader in the provision of media asset management, logistics & distribution, supply-chain and related services. These services have been specifically developed to service global media and entertainment customers and other industry sectors which produce high value physical and digital assets. Bonded Services has been serving these industry sectors for 80+ years and now cares for over 10 million physical assets for more than 1,500 clients.


About TEC:

Founded in 1999, TEC is an Intellectual Property holding company that maintains interests in technologies focused in the media, entertainment and advertising industries. In addition to IP management, TEC has provided top 50 global media companies content acquisition and workflow strategies.


About Walla:

Founded in 2014, Walla offers a cloud-based distribution management service. Walla simplifies the experience for content owners who distribute through major online video-on-demand platforms. Walla is partially owned by TEC.